Rachel Cole is one of those fortunate people whose work is closely linked to their main hobby.? Her role with mail order kitchen garden seedsman D. T. Brown melds with her love of growing vegetables at home and cooking with all her fresh ingredients.? Her dislike of not being able to use all she grows while it is still fresh led her to investigate the best ways of keeping vegetables as fresh as possible for as long as possible.? The result is a newly-published 20-page booklet entitled “Keep it Fresh”, which D. T. Brown is sending free of charge with all seed orders.

Her quest began because she could not eat a stick of celery before it deteriorated.? She came across the idea of wrapping it in tinfoil, which she tried for herself.? It gave the celery a refrigerator life of 21 days, “If I can save waste and money on celery, what else am I not storing properly?”, Rachel then asked herself.? So began her research into a huge range of vegetables, all based on her own practical experiments.

The work was a labour of love, which has earned the admiration of the company’s general manager Tim Jeffries. “Rachel is a real enthusiast who gives her work and her hobby 100 per cent.? I know our customers will be as impressed with her booklet as I am.? It is crammed full with advice, all based on her own experience”.

No expensive gadgets and ‘gizmos’ are required.? All Rachel’s recommendations employ only basic kitchen equipment, such as tinfoil, clingfilm, kitchen towels, glass jars and even recycled takeaway food containers.

To request a copy of the latest D. T. Brown catalogue, write to D. T. Brown, Western Avenue, Matrix Park, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 7NB, telephone 0845 3710532, fax 0845 3710534 or go online www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk

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