Reach New Heights With Suttons ‘Giraffe’ Sunflower

New and exclusive to Suttons for 2015 (the year of the sunflower), ‘Giraffe’ is the tallest sunflower bred and grown in the UK.???Giraffe? is the result of?Victoria Wakefield?s work involving years of selection in our conditions to produce the tallest possible plants.? This beautiful sunflower was displayed in the South West in Bloom Garden at Hampton Court this year and caused quite a stir as the blooms were planted around a statue of a giraffe.

Ideal for children, sunflowers fit in perfectly with the new?curriculum of which gardening will be taught in schools from September 2014!

Gardening will be taught in English schools from September 2014, a move welcomed by the Royal Horticultural Society.? The consultation on reform of the National Curriculum, states that pupils from Key Stages 1?3 will be taught ?to cultivate plants for practical purposes? as a key activity in design and technology lessons.

Sunflower ‘Giraffe’

?British bred for British conditions

?Possibly the tallest sunflower ever produced

?Great promotional opportunities

?Exclusive to Suttons – ?2.99 RSP

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