Red Cherry Passes Better Buying Price Onto Customers

Red Cherry Shopfitting has always been competitive when it comes to shelving, and their current best buy ? Evolve s50i shelving, offers customers top end shelving at better than competitor prices.

Shelving is the basis for all garden centre product displays and storage. Once the preserve of select brands, the strength standard for safety can now also be guaranteed by Evolve shelving, which is why Red Cherry now offer it to their customers.

Issues with weight tolerance have always bugged garden centres, with cheap shelving drooping or collapsing and proving hazardous. Juggling the need for decent shelves with the need to make enough to turn a profit, refits have not always been top of anyone?s list. However, with the introduction of Evolve, Red Cherry can offer both the quality and the price to suit the situation.

Mick from Red Cherry explains: ?A targeted strategy of product placement has always been what garden centres have in mind, but often the reality has been that the shelving situation hasn?t been up to the job. This has meant in some cases, a second rate display ? keeping better but heavier products off the shelves and on the floor, not an attractive prospect for the customer who buys more of what they see at eye level than any other product.

We?re offering Evolve, because we see it as the right product for the garden centre market, it?s compatible with other top end brands, its price point is right and it does the job.

?It?s not only shop shelving though, warehouses rely on guaranteed weight tolerance shelving, and at better rates than competitor brands Evolve looks to be the answer?.

Coming to you from the biggest importer in the UK, in two standard colours, Jura white and silver and can be delivered next day if ordered by 12. Red Cherry are happy to speak to anyone about how it would fit in with what they already have in their store, just give them a call.

To speak to Red Cherry to see what?s possible for your business call on: 01795 473485 or email them at:



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