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Fordingbridge have been working with horticultural retailers for over 55 years. Initially, the company started supporting the horticulture industry through manufacturing polytunnel frames, potting benches and designing, manufacturing and installing a range of automated ventilation solutions.

Although eventually the company evolved into full construction, they still have a very strong presence in the Commercial Growing sector, and manufacture hectares worth of polytunnels on a monthly basis. Ensuring they always take pride in the quality and longevity of their structures, shown through Fordingbridge’s evolution into larger, more bespoke canopy design and build.

Fordingbridge construction at Simpsons Garden Centre, Inverness, Highlands, Scotland, UK. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach | New Wave Images UK |

Designing and engineering under one roof allows Fordingbridge to ensure that quality is always on point and that clients receive an installation everyone involved can be proud of.

The Garden Centre sector for Fordingbridge is incredibly important, and this applies for both independents and chains. Many of the company’s clients began their business journey as small, independent nurseries and have themselves evolved to offer cafes, restaurants, soft furnishings, giftware and so on.

If you are looking to refurbish your existing site, expand your customer offering or weatherproof your business, contact Fordingbridge today on 01243 554455 or email

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