Relaunch of DeckWright Inserts

Hull-based timber company WJ Group is relaunching the format of its DeckWright Inserts retail kit for merchants, enabling all manner of business and domestic customers to retrospectively add a non-slip property to decking that has already been laid.

Previously sold in coils, the new ?straight lengths? format will allow for speedier fitting as one stage of the simple process has been removed. DeckWright Inserts can be cut to length with standard tools and provide a long-lasting solution to the common problem of slippery timber decking.

Managing director of WJ Group Mark Eggleston said: ?Many businesses and individuals fit decking without considering the risk of slipping if it is wet. DeckWright Inserts allow for an anti-slip enhancement to be added, after the decking has been laid. Whether on steps, walkways or entire decking areas, there is no need to slip on damp decking anymore.?

Timber companies, merchants and other retailers can stock DeckWright Inserts. If retailing from a merchandising stand, a video plays on a small LCD screen and customers can pick up a small ?how-to? leaflet for easy explanation.

For further information about the DeckWright Anti-Slip brand, please visit:

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