Report reveals gardening is 28% more in demand post-lockdown

New data from UK card payment provider Dojo, has revealed what Brits are spending the most on following restrictions being fully lifted in June of this year. 

Dojo analysed its transaction data to find out how much was spent in each industry pre and post-lockdown, specifically comparing spend in February 2020 to June 2021. The results show which business sectors have seen the biggest uplift in spend and which activities Brits are now flaunting their cash on.

Dojo found that there were key areas where Brits were spending the most money now compared to before the first lockdown, and gardening was one of these. 

The pandemic has created a new generation of gardeners. A year of staying at home and the closure of non essential places, has given Brits a lot of spare time on their hands to upscale their garden. There has been a 28% increase in spend for gardening supplies, including garden tools, gloves, flowers and more. There has also been a 14% increase in spend for florists and a massive 51.9% increase in spend for builders’ services and access to their materials.

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