Resolva Bug Killer achieves Which? Gardening ?Best Buy? status

Resolva Bug Killer has achieved Which? Gardening ?Best Buy? status after scoring 76% in a trial to test products for aphid control.

Judges said that the bug killer was ?Very effective at controlling aphids on both edible and ornamental plants and the aphids did not re-establish on the plants.?

Resolva Bug Killer achieved the status after being tested against 10 other ready to use products for controlling aphids in controlled conditions by Which? Gardening Experts.

Amy Lawrence, Brand Manager for Westland Horticulture, which produces Resolva, said: ?Aphids are one of the most common gardening pests and can cause damage to plants by feeding on sap, causing the plant to weaken, distorting its growth.

?Due to the recent mild weather, aphid infestations are common and set to increase, meaning Resolva Bug Killer is a must-have buy for the coming season.?

Resolva Bug Killer in its Ready To Use format also controls over 18 other types of pest and can be used on over 37 crops, while the concentrate product can tackle over 21 pest types across 47 crops. Uniquely, it will provide control of Carrot Root Fly, Cabbage Stem Weevil, Pea Moth and Leaf?Curling Midge. The all-in-one insecticide is fast acting, keeps on working for up to two weeks and comes in a unique bottle with a non-drip trigger, designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind.

The introduction of Bug Killer follows a wave of success for the brand. Launched last year, the super strength weedkiller, Resolva Xtra Tough, helped drive the brand?s success in the tough weed category, growing market share to record levels.

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