Resolva Liquid Shots launch new TV ad

New Resolva Liquid Shots are set to grow in 2015 with ?1.5m spend on TV.

New Resolva Liquid Shots have been specifically developed to offer gardeners an easier way to apply concentrated pre-dosed weedkiller.

Launching with a brand new advert, Resolva Liquid Shots is the perfect solution to big weed problems.

The advert features the famous weed characters who taunt and tease a man on his driveway. The weed attack continues until our hero thinks to use the Resolva Liquid Shots, with visible results in 24 hours, he gains control and is satisfied with the results.

It will be viewed by over 38m adults in the UK, each being able to see the advert over five times. It will be shown throughout April and May, over the key bank holiday weekends on all mainstream and satellite channels, including ITV and Sky 1.

Amy Lawrence, Brand Manager for Resolva said: ?With over ?1.5m of TV and online advertising, customers will be flocking to your stores looking for this product. Don?t let them leave disappointed!?

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