Retailers given the chance to attend PlantFest at Hereford nurseries

Retailers are being invited to two nurseries in Hereford this month (March, 2017) to attend their PlantFest.

Wyevale Nurseries and Allensmore Nurseries will hold the joint open day on Wednesday, March 8 from 9.30am until 5pm.

Adam Dunnett, sales and marketing director at Wyevale Nurseries, said: ?We?re holding the open day event again in collaboration with our neighbours Allensmore Nurseries and customers are encouraged to come and visit both sites in one day.

?This year we have decided to make our open day more of a plant festival and will be loading our despatch glasshouse with stunning, eye catching displays of topical spring stock for immediate order. There will also be special discounts on the day.

?As product innovation is still a top priority for us Ben Gregory, our product development coordinator, will be heading up our ?Introducing Stage? showcasing new and exciting product in the running for future introductions.?

The PlantFest will allow attendees the opportunity to see these lines first and cast their vote on how commercially viable they think they will be.?One such line is a brand new Phormium, the name of which will be revealed at a later date.

Ben explained: ?It is an exciting new Phormium, which breaks the mould and will make you rethink its sterotype.?

The event is aimed at any plant retailer, both existing customers and those who may not have been supplied by either nursery.

Mark Taylor, managing director at Allensmore Nurseries, said: ?We are delighted to be part of this joint venture as it allows us to launch our innovative new marketing approach for specimen plants, bringing together strongly branded signage with eye catching and informative labelling.

?We believe this is our strongest promotional package to date and we are confident that it will give our customers a real advantage in this competitive marketplace.?

At Wyevale Nurseries there will also be an interactive survey on current market trends and what attendees think the future of plant retailing will hold.

Adam added: ?During the day a hot lunch will be served and nursery tours will also be available. The general feel of the day will reflect the relaxed festival vibe and our sales team will be on hand to offer a warm welcome and a memorable day out for all attendees.?

The PlantFest at Wyevale Nurseries and Allensmore Nurseries will take place on Wednesday, March 8 from 9.30am until 5pm.

For more information or to book a space at the PlantFest, please contact the nurseries direct via or or visit their websites or

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