Are retailers ready for UK slug invasion?

Despite the box tree caterpillar beating slugs and snails to the Worst Pest of 2016, the mild winter and recent warm, wet weather has created ideal conditions for these troublesome pests.

Neudorff has ensured that stocks of its popular and effective Sluggo? Slug & Snail Killer are readily available to retailers that need to restock in a hurry.

Sluggo? is approved for organic use by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association. The patented formula features the active ingredient Iron-III-Phosphate, which also occurs naturally in the environment and stops slugs eating rapidly, causing them to quickly retreat to their burrows where they die.

The effective rain resistant formula does not dehydrate the creatures; therefore no slime trails or dead slugs and snails remain. Any leftover pellets conveniently convert into iron and phosphate in the soil, delivering added nutrients to plants.

Neudorff sales director, Jude Beharall said: ?Sluggo? is an extremely effective product, it offers consumers a great alternative to traditional chemicals and is ideal for protecting both plants and vegetables.?

Sluggo? Slug & Snail Killer is available in three different sizes: 450g box (?3.99), a refillable 800g bottle (RRP: ?6.99) and a new 1kg box (RRP: ?6.99).

For more information visit or call 0121 7671821.

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