RHS call on gardeners to get ‘Greening Grey Britain’ this Easter

The RHS is calling for people all over the country to get ?Greening Grey Britain? this Easter.

The Royal Horticulture Society commissioned a survey to 2,000 people and found that 92% find being in a garden relaxing, while 95% said being in a beautiful garden lifts their mood. Over 60% also said looking at a street of paved over front gardens saddens them.

Hard surfaces in London gardens increase by two and a half times the area of Hyde Park every year and seven million front gardens across the UK contain concrete and cars rather than flowers and grass.

Alistair Griffiths, RHS director of science and collections, said:? ?Many of us get a boost by simply looking at a beautiful garden or having access to green space. So instead of paving over green we can all play a part in reducing the grey and brightening it, and us, up with some plants.

?On top of making us feel better and happier, if hundreds and thousands of people across the country grew more plants of different varieties in gardens and community spaces, it would all help to improve our air quality, benefit us, our wildlife and reduce temperatures and flooding risks.

?Greening Grey Britain can be as big or small as anyone likes, the critical point is that collectively we can all make a positive difference one plant at a time.?

Work to get ?Greening Grey Britain? will begin in earnest with the 2015 launch of Europe?s biggest community gardening campaign, RHS Britain in Bloom on Friday 10 April with a three year target to transform 6,000 unloved grey spaces into thriving planted up places.

Over the coming months the RHS will share and promote ideas ranging from pulling up a paving stone and planting up the space, to creating a window box, planting up front gardens and transforming grey community areas.

Griffiths continued: ?Through this three year initiative with our army of 300,000 RHS Bloom volunteers engaged, we hope to make a transformational difference across the UK.

?We?ll also put the spotlight on front gardens and how to have parking and incorporate plants.? Paving over front gardens, is a critical issue, which we know people care about:? 60% of people in the UK worry about paved front gardens and flooding*.?

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