RHS endorses Hartley Botanic’s entire product portfolio

As it approaches its 80th anniversary, Lancashire-based greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic announces the endorsement of its entire product range by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). The British manufacturer founded in 1938 by Vincent Hartley has been granted the endorsement for the design and quality of its handmade greenhouse products and for its enduring commitment to excellent customer service and products which stand the test of time ? the manufacturer prides itself on greenhouses which last a lifetime with examples still in use from the 1950?s. The endorsement means Hartley Botanic is now the Royal Horticultural Society?s recommended supplier of aluminium greenhouses and glasshouses.

A Royal Horticultural Society endorsement is a much-coveted level of recognition, granted to only a select range of garden and home products. Products selected for endorsement must go through rigorous auditing and have a proven tried and tested track record. As such, an RHS endorsement is a mark of excellence for horticultural products, recognised by both professional and amateur gardeners alike. Of the endorsement Cathy Snow, RHS licensing manager commented: ?The RHS has long admired and enjoyed the work of Hartley Botanic with the manufacturer winning numerous accolades at our RHS Chelsea Flower Show and providing spectacular greenhouses for some of our most visited gardens, including RHS Garden Harlow Carr and RHS Garden Rosemoor. With almost 80 years of heritage in producing a truly extraordinary range of greenhouses, the quality of which has never wavered, this endorsement is truly well deserved.?

Hartley Botanic has been designing and manufacturing its beautiful aluminium greenhouses and glasshouses in the same Lancashire factory for almost 80 years. The company was the first to use aluminium in greenhouse construction which it combined with engineering expertise to maximise glass area and natural light. The company?s vision to create lasting quality and the finest greenhouses money can buy means many of its original structures still stand (the Hartley greenhouse at Belgrave Hall was installed in 1950) and provide unbroken service for families over 3 generations. Hartley Botanic?s commitment to an exceptional level of durability and quality for customers is reflected in the lifetime structural guarantee that it now offers across all its greenhouses and glasshouses. Speaking of the endorsement, Hartley Botanic?s managing director Tom Barry commented: ?When customers buy a greenhouse from Hartley Botanic they are investing in the Aston Martin of the greenhouse world ? one that delivers in terms of style, engineering design and quality. They are so good that when customers move house they often bring their Hartley with them and we even have people contacting us decades later asking for enhancements to otherwise perfectly sound structures. Our customers know the level of craftsmanship and service we offer, but this endorsement will allow us to communicate this more easily to others.?

All Hartley Botanic greenhouses and glasshouses will bear the Royal Horticultural Society?s logo with the manufacturer communicating the endorsement to consumers and trade through its website, marketing channels and at leading horticultural events. The Royal Horticultural Society?s name will also be given global exposure as a result of the endorsement in markets which include the US, Europe and Japan where Hartley Botanic?s British-made and styled greenhouses are hotly in demand.

All Hartley Botanic?s greenhouses and glasshouses are made to order. Customers or trade interested in purchasing a Hartley Botanic greenhouse should visit: http://www.hartley-botanic.co.uk or call 01457 819 155 for more information.

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