RHS launches new report at Chelsea

The Royal Horticultural Society is calling on the nation to get Greening Grey Britain as it launches a new report at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show today highlighting an alarming trend of Britain paving over its front gardens and not growing any plants in them.

The RHS 2015 Greening Grey Britain Report reveals that three times as many front gardens are paved over compared to ten years ago, a total increase of 15 square miles of ?grey?, and that plant cover in front gardens has decreased by as much as 15%.

Over five million front gardens now have no plants growing in them, 7.24 million are nearly totally paved over and four and a half million front gardens are completely paved over.

Today one in four UK front gardens are completely paved over and nearly one in three front gardens has no plants.

The RHS believes it is vital to reverse this trend for the nation?s health, for wildlife, to mitigate against pollution and heat waves and to protect the UK?s homes from flooding.

Sue Biggs, RHS director general, explains: ?Our work to get Greening Grey Britain began in April with the 2015 launch of Europe?s biggest community gardening campaign, RHS Britain in Bloom with a three year target to transform 6,000 unloved grey spaces into thriving planted up places.

?Over the coming months we will continue to share and promote ideas for individuals and communities to go from grey to green, ranging from pulling up a paving stone and planting it up, to creating window box, planting up front gardens and transforming grey public spaces.

?Greening Grey Britain can be as big or small as anyone likes, the critical point is that collectively we can all make a positive difference one plant at a time.?

The gardening charity is calling on people to pledge to green their own bit of grey and sharing updated advice and ideas to green up front gardens at www.rhs.org.uk/ggb.

The RHS Great Chelsea Garden Challenge garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a front garden that demonstrates how you can have parking and plants.

It highlights ideas and inspiration for people to take home and incorporate in their own front gardens.

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