RHS Response to EU Plant Reproductive Material Legislation

Statement from the Royal Horticultural Society in Response to current developments in the EU Plant Reproductive Material Legislation.

The Royal Horticultural Society, along with many other horticultural organisations in the UK, is highlighting concerns at the very highest level that the EU Plant Reproductive Material legislation is likely to have unintended consequences for the horticultural sector.

The RHS is working closely with representatives from the sector to raise awareness of the potential negative impacts of the proposed legislation that could see breeders having to pay a fee of between ?300 and ?500 to register plant names, a cost that would inevitably be passed on to UK gardeners. The knock on effect of increased costs and bureaucracy could be a reduction in the range of plants available to buy in garden centres.

In addition to meeting with Defra officials, representatives of the EU Commission and briefing MEPs, we are also currently involved with drafting amendments to the legislation aimed to ensure that it is proportionate and the interests of gardeners are reflected in the changes.

The RHS is urging gardeners to contact their MEPs to alert them to their dissatisfaction with the current EU Plant Reproductive Material legislation.

Please use the following link to identify UK MEPs who are members of the influential Agriculture and Rural development Committee:http://www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/en/agri/members.html#menuzone

Please use the following link to identify your local MEP:http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/map.html;jsessionid=EEC9FF0A781B177C2A

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