Rijnbeek & Son expands growing field

This leading grower continues to expand its production capacity to sustain its export drive. Arno Rijnbeek said ?Our reconstructed field is now ready with a new irrigation system installed. A 165m new conveyer belt is now in place which will be extended in 2017 to 330m if everything is goes to plan.?

Further on we are busy with shipping plants to our customers both inside and outside the EU. At the moment it is mainly 9cm and 11cm pots that are the main focus. There is an increased demand for larger sizes with clients asking us to custom grow bigger size plants for them. These range from 2 litre up to 7.5 litre pots.

In some cases, they ask us to assist them when their own production capacitity is full. In that way we can work together with our customers and everybody wins!”

There is no better example of the quality of plant production at Rijnbeek & Son than the Agapanthus ‘Moonlight Star’. This superb Blue coloured variety flowers from July-August with a height from 70cm – 100cm and loves the sunshine!

The new Rijnbeek & Son Catalogue for 2016-17 will include over 3000 varieties. This will be available for the Plantarium trade fair held in Boskoop August 24-27.



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