Rising demand for seaweed extract used by gardeners

British company Chase Organics has said it?s receiving record orders for its organic seaweed extract used by gardeners.

The Chase SM6 Seaweed extract has been used by gardeners and farmers since the 1960s.

Chase Organics have received orders from farmers in countries ranging from Spain to South Korea.

The SM6 Seaweed Extract is known to improve crop yields and quality and help plants withstand stress conditions such as late frost and drought, as well as reducing users? spend on fertilizers.

The garden version, Chase SM3, is seeing a similar expansion in the UK and overseas, helping achieve successful harvests of all kinds of vegetables and fruit.

Chase?s seaweed extracts are highly concentrated liquid biostimulants with ?Soil Association Approved? status, and are well regarded for their potency because of their high seaweed solids content and low pH composition.

They have attracted a growing clientele from across the UK to far-flung countries including China, New Zealand and Chile. Organic citrus fruit farmed in Southern Europe, and sold in British supermarkets, have been grown using Chase SM6 for many years.

The demand has increased by 60 per cent over the last two years, according to managing director of Chase Organics, Michael Hedges, he said:

?Due to the unprecedented popularity of Chase SM6 and SM3 around the world, production has been stepped up to cope with the demand.

?We have a wealth of trials data that proves the effectiveness of Chase SM6 and SM3 Seaweed Extracts, and the ever-increasing repeat purchases from users are also testament to its effectiveness.

?Questions arise as to why countries on the other side of the world choose to buy from the UK rather than make their own extract from local seaweed.

?The answer is that the seaweed found in our native waters is particularly rich in the active ingredients that benefit crops and our unique formulation and processing method is able to preserve these in the highly concentrated end product?

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