Stewart Garden has a range of planters for every occasion

Adorning gardens, patios and balconies, growing herbs indoors and lining a royal wedding route.

These are just a few of the uses that planters by Stewart Garden have been put to in recent years. Others include planting roses and growing herbs indoors.

The versatile and diverse range includes:

  • ? ? ? ??Lead Effect Trough. With its authentic lead look, this 70cm pewter effect planter adds classic elegance to gardens and patios. It?s lightweight and great value at a recommended retail price (RRP) of ?31.99
  • ? ? ? ??Sylvan Trough. Made from top quality plastic, but looking authentic in sandstone or granite, these planters are great value, portable and attractive. They?re also robust enough to last several winter seasons. RRP ?29.99
  • ? ? ? ??Terrace Troughs. These are perfect for patios and windowsills. The terrace troughs come in four sizes and four colours. Matching trays are also available. RRPs for the Terrace Troughs range from ?4.49 to ?10.99
  • ? ? ??Gothic Trough. At 90cm, this 47-litre capacity planter is as impressive as it is durable and weather resistant. The natural white stone effect means the Gothic Trough will look great in any setting. RRP ?31.99
Grow roses in your Stewart Garden planter

To create a stunning display of roses, you?ll need:

  • ? ? ? ??fertilizer
  • ? ? ? ??mulch
  • ? ? ? ??pruning shears
  • ? ? ? ??gardening gloves
  • ? ? ? ??compost or rose planting mix
  • ? ? ? ??a spade
  • ? ? ? ??a shovel
  • ? ? ? ??a filled watering pot
  • your choice of roses ? ask at your local garden centre to find out which type are best suited to your region

Container-grown roses will already have flowers, so will look beautiful from the moment you plant them. They’re usually sold in one-gallon (3.8-litre) sizes or larger. Be careful if you grow these in true springtime, as they?re vulnerable to frost.

Finally,?choose your planting site.?Find a place that gets at least five to six hours of direct sunlight every day, ideally in the morning. If they’re going to be in a particularly windy area,?place your planters?close to a form of shelter such as a wall or a fence.

Grow herbs

Indoors, a row of Stewart Garden planters filled with fresh living herbs is the key to creating instant culinary delights.

Fresh herbs add aroma, flavour, texture and colour to any meal, from fish, meat and vegetarian dishes to salads, soups and homemade sauces. According to The?Guardian, the 10 best herbs to grow in containers are:

  • ? ? ? ??mint
  • ? ? ? ??chives
  • ? ? ? ??sage
  • ? ? ? ??bay
  • ? ? ? ??thyme
  • ? ? ? ??rosemary
  • ? ? ? ??parsley
  • ? ? ?coriander
  • ? ? ? ?basil
  • ? ? ? ?sorrel
Brighten up balconies

If space is tight, Stewart Garden?s Balcony Trough Sets, available at prices from ?9.99 to ?11.90, including hanging attachment, will bring your railings to life and create a beautiful display. Equally simple ? and just as effective – is the self-watering?Balconniere Trough. Offered in two sizes, 50cm and 70cm (?6.99 – ?8.99 respectively) and three colours, black, green and terracotta, these are available with optional matching trays to stop spillage or staining.

The royal wedding

In April 2011, Stewart Garden supplied over 50 of its Terrace Troughs for the Royal Wedding Route as Prince William married Catherine Middleton. The troughs were planted with marguerites, English geraniums, trailing ivy, gardenias and lavender. They appeared in prominent positions outside Westminster Abbey and the press area at Buckingham Palace. Available in four colours and four sizes, the Stewart Garden Terrace Troughs have RRPs ranging from ?4.49 to ?10.99.

Manufactured in premium plastic, all Stewart Garden planters and troughs are durable and resistant to frosts and ultra violet rays. This means they?ll keep their shape and their colour, whatever the seasons throw at them.

Stewart Garden loves gardens. It?s a leading grow-your-own and contemporary garden lifestyle brand, the market leader in premium plastic flower planters, including self-watering plant containers, and the voice of authority in premium consumer propagation.

Stewart Garden is a proud UK manufacturer. Its products are available in over 1,600 outlets across the country, including DIY retailers such as B&Q, Homebase and Wilko. They?re also widely stocked at garden centres such as Dobbies, Notcutts and Wyevale and in over 1,000 independent garden centres.

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