Roundup: One million gardeners can’t be wrong!

It’s been six years since Roundup launched the original pressurised weedkiller sprayer, Pump ?N Go and thanks to its reputation for being effortlessly easy to use and effective the innovative solution has sold over 1 million packs.

As well as this, in 2014 sales of products within the Pump ?N Go system are up 30%. ?This is great news for retailers,? says Gary Philpotts, Roundup?s Lawn and Garden Business Director, ?as they can benefit from the increased sales value and this statistic is even more impressive when compared to the market growth of only 9%. Again proving that Roundup is the brand that deliveries category growth for our retailers?

In 2014 the Pump ?N Go range was enhanced with the introduction of the Pump N Go Mini? 2.5L sprayer and refill, adding to the hugely popular 5L packs. The introduction of the smaller size offered consumers a choice of suit their own, and their gardens, needs. And from the recent sales data, this choice of different options for consumers has helped to increase sales to record levels as users of 1L and 3L sprayers trade up to experience the super efficient Pump N Go system.

Gary Philpotts continues: ?We regularly invest in market research to gather feedback on products and our Pump ?N Go solution is often praised for its ease of use, complimenting the reputation as the best weedkiler available. The one touch sprayer means no more tired trigger finger, while the extendable sprayer eliminates back breaking bending, which are both great attributes.?

The unique pressurised Pump ?N Go system means large areas can be tackled quickly and easily, making it ideal for areas such as driveways, patios, paths and gravel. What?s more, Roundup kills right down to the roots so the whole weed is killed and it won?t grow back.

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