RPC bottle adds to roundup range

Following the success of the 5L bottle for Roundup Pump ?N Go ready-to-use weedkiller, brand owner Monsanto joined forces with RPC Gent to develop and expand the range to include a user-friendly 2.5L version.

The bottle?s smaller size makes it easier to carry and store, while the pack is still large enough to tackle significant areas and patches of weeds.

Once the handle and spout are attached to RPC?s bottle, the unique Pump ?N Go pressurised system offers users three minutes of continuous spray, which means weeds can be tackled simply and swiftly. Ready mixed for convenience, there is no messing around required so gardeners can get on with treating weeds.

A money-saving refill, one of RPC?s standard bottles, is also available, so users can simply top up the sprayer system and start again if new weeds appear throughout the summer.

Gary Philpotts, Roundup Lawn and Garden UK Business Director, said: ?Tackling troublesome weeds can be a bit of a chore, which is why we?ve designed Pump ?N Go to be quick, easy and safe to use.?

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