Sapcote Garden Centre: Christmas Tree Guide

Now it is Christmas time again, and it?s time to start thinking about buying that Christmas tree. Real Christmas trees are the classic choice, and they tend to be the most popular choice, even with the growing trend of artificial trees.

Sapcote Garden Centre in Leicestershire have been re-stocked with their Christmas trees for 2013, and to help customers up to this holiday season, they have created a useful Christmas Tree Info Guide, that includes all the points a customer should know before buying a Christmas tree.

They also had a bit of a surprise when opening up the crates, with over 100 Christmas trees at 7.5ft and above, 5 times more than in 2012, a spokesperson from Sapcote Garden Centre could not believe their eyes:

?It is quite amazing really, while we were unloading the lorry I said to the staff, ‘These trees look quite tall this year,’ and when we started to unload them, we realised how much taller they were!?

?We had to completely re-arrange the display area to fit the larger ones in!?


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