Sarah Raven launches “game-changing” peat-free compost

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Sarah Raven, a leading online retailer in the gardening world, is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new Sarah Raven Peat-Free Compost – a significant step towards promoting sustainable gardening practices. This innovative product aims to revolutionise how British gardeners cultivate their plants, while simultaneously protecting the UK’s precious peatland ecosystems.

Sarah Raven Peat-Free Compost is carefully formulated using a unique blend of wood fibre (FCS certified) and coir that comes from known and sustainable sources, enriched with the brand’s unique and balanced recipe of nutrients, which gives plants a significant boost in the first weeks of growth.

The compost retains moisture efficiently, provides optimal nutrition, and promotes healthy root development, ensuring that plants thrive while minimising environmental impact. By embracing this peat-free alternative, gardeners can actively contribute to the preservation of peatlands and play a significant role in mitigating climate change.

Sarah said, “I am incredibly excited to introduce the Sarah Raven Peat-Free Compost to the gardening community. We have been trialling peat-free composts for seven years, and this exclusive recipe is the best by far! Incredibly reliable with consistent results across our full range of bulbs, plants, and seeds. It has outperformed all other brands we’ve tested at Perch Hill and our nursery in Lincolnshire. It’s time for us to make a positive change and shift towards sustainable gardening practices. By choosing peat-free alternatives, we can protect our precious peatlands, reduce carbon emissions, and create beautiful, thriving gardens without compromising on quality.”

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Peatlands are vital for carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, and water regulation. However, the extraction of peat for horticultural purposes contributes to the degradation of these critical habitats. Understanding the urgent need to address this issue, Sarah Raven has formulated, trialled, and tested a compost that delivers exceptional results without relying on peat.

Josie Lewis, Head Gardener at Perch Hill, says, “The photo (above) shows our Molucella seedlings picked out this week. The right-hand seedling was grown with Sarah Raven Peat-Free Compost and the left seedling uses Carbon Gold Biochar Seed Compost. Our peat-free compost enables a much more branched root system, which is a terrific result. The roots in the Biochar are also fine, however the root system is less dense, and the compost tends to fall away. The seedlings were in planted in two halves of the same seed tray, grown under exactly the same conditions.”

The launch of Sarah Raven peat-free compost reinforces the brand’s longstanding commitment to promoting sustainable gardening practices. Through Sarah’s books, television appearances, and renowned online store, countless gardeners have been inspired to embrace environmentally friendly techniques and harness biodiversity in their own back gardens.

The new Sarah Raven Peat-Free Compost will be available for purchase on the Sarah Raven website,

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