SBM Life Science ? A new time, new way

SBM Life Science, established in October 2016 following the sale of Bayer Garden and Bayer Advanced to SBM, is now fully operational throughout Europe and North America and is moving into the next phase of its business development, with its New Time, New Way strategy.

This company strategy reflects the very different approach SBM will take in the market over the coming years.? It encompasses some of the significant changes and trends taking place in the garden care sector and aims to intimately connect with gardeners and their gardens, providing them with effective and trusted product solutions that are well balanced and ?In Tune with Nature?.

In an increasingly restrictive regulatory landscape, companies in this sector are constantly obliged to redefine their offer. More than ever, organisations must question, re-adapt and reinvent themselves to ensure customer needs continue to be met. SBM is investing for long term success, developing its teams and industrial global footprint, expanding its product lines and powering up its brands.? Crucially for the industry, it is investing into real R&D to introduce much needed product innovations that are effective and respectful of humankind and the environment.

UK customers and stakeholders will see the emergence of the New Time, New Way strategy at GLEE this year; it will be SBM Life Science Ltd?s first full appearance at the event.

As announced in October 2016, the owners of SBM Life Science are committed to establishing the company as a true global leader in the Home and Garden Sector and have invested accordingly.

?In the UK, we have been extremely busy during the last seven months, establishing the foundations of a business that will provide a platform for growth to meet the exciting expectations of the new company,? explained Darren Brown head of SBM Life Science in the UK.

?We will now go on to build on the strong assets of the business (Baby Bio?, Phostrogen?, Toprose and Provado?), continue to develop our people, expand our portfolio and introduce new brands and innovations.? But most importantly, we will forge even closer partnerships with our key customers and actively support the welfare of the wider industry.

?The first goal of our new organisation was to make the transition for our customers as smooth and pain free as possible, and on the whole I am pleased we have achieved this during the season.

?Furthermore, we have taken the time to talk to customers to understand how our new business can better meet their future needs and add increased value to the UK market.

?We heard they wanted more innovative products and simpler processes, bigger UK investment and greater customer flexibility.? This feedback is now at the heart of our business and was at the front of our minds as we developed our core values, which include a focus on Entrepreneurship, Support, Partnerships, Rapid Response, Innovation and Teamwork.

?We are proud of what we have achieved in the past seven months and extremely excited about the potential ahead.? We are looking forward to SBM Life Science Ltd?s official GLEE debut when we will showcase the next phase of our development and the innovative products being launched for the 2018 season.?

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