Seasonal assortment: we manage the assortment of a garden centre in the summer, using the LECHUZA planter as an example

In spring and summer, the demand for garden plants and planters for them is traditionally changing. And we are talking not only about its increase, but also about a qualitative change.

In place of one – the usual models and shades for interior decoration – come others, more appropriate for the street. Other textures, colours, shapes – Below, we shall talk about this in the context of LECHUZA models, which are in special demand in the summer season.

Popular summer textures and shades

It is no secret that the favourites for decorating compositions with living plants in the garden, on the balcony or terrace are wicker planters (in the LECHUZA line these are models from the Cottage Collection). Such textures create a special mood for summer, relaxation and country life.

Stone and its imitation are the next trend of the summer assortment (in the LECHUZA line, these are models from the Stone Collection). A planter of natural shades with a surface under a natural stone plus greens of plants, is a bliss with the nature of a special level!

And another trend is the garden planter with a matte surface (in the LECHUZA line these are models from the Color Collection). Such flowerpots, especially in bright colours, effectively complement single plants and flower arrangements.

Hanging planters, floor planters, table planters

Each of these three options will find its place in the design of the garden, home, balcony, front garden or terrace.

Hanging flowerpots are an ideal way to decorate the space of a balcony, porch or terrace. The LECHUZA line includes both traditional options with a suspension (NIDO Cottage), and rectangular “boxes” for flower arrangements (the BALCONERA line).

Floor models – there are as many options for their use as the planters in the LECHUZA line: at the entrance to a house, as a decoration on the veranda, as a space divider on the balcony, etc.

And finally, desktop options – without this decor, there wouldn’t be a single table, standing outdoors, or a summer kitchen.


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