Seasonal Plants Focus: Collaborate, innovate and succeed.

Collaborate, innovate and succeed is the theme for the Seasonal Plants Focus conference, which takes place on Thursday 21 November 2013 at Young Plants Ltd, Stratford upon Avon.

As part of the programme’s ?extending the season and range’ session, Nigel’s talk will offer a brief background on Thompson and Morgan’s sales and breeding areas, with a focus on inventive propagation. “We shall be looking at plant breeding innovation in particular and how innovative new varieties have crossover from the mail order to the commercial market,” explains Nigel.

The discussion points include:
? How mail order success helps to generate commercial demand.
? Breeding in terms of varieties to extend the season.
? How to revive more traditional species by adding something different to update it.

Nigel has worked in horticulture, predominantly in the wholesale seed business, for the past twenty five years. Currently at Thompson & Morgan, Nigel is head of Wholesale, managing the production and supply of T&Ms own bred seed products.

Other speakers include:
? Chris Beytes, Editor of Grower Talks Magazine, Ball Publishing
? Joop Kooijman, Product Representative, Keift Seeds
? Peter McDermott, Managing Director, You Garden Ltd
? Professor Andrew Fearne, Kent University

With support from headline partner Bulrush, and associate partners Floramedia and Young Plants Ltd, the event brings a wealth of industry experts together to discuss and debate the latest issues affecting seasonal and bedding plant growers. Delegates can also take advantage of a networking dinner that will take place the night before at the Alveston Manor Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon, and features an after-dinner talk on how the industry’s golden age is yet to come by Boyd Douglas-Davies, Chief Executive of The Hillview Group.


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