Seasonally Beautiful – Blacksmith at the National Plant Show

Gardman?s Blacksmith Hanging Garden is unveiling a range of creative planting ideas designed to help garden centre retailers boost sales of plants and containers at the National Plant Show, 24-25 June 2014.? Blacksmith has teamed up with gardening guru Martin Fish to inspire gardeners with practical ideas that will bring colour and life to containers all year round.

From urban balconies to cottage gardens, an explosion of colour to shades of red offset by greenery, a low growing array to a tall design making a striking statement, or life being brought to the front door during a cold dark winter it?s possible to create attention grabbing displays.? With the Blacksmith range of forged wrought iron containers that are built to last and Martin Fish?s Seasonally Beautiful ideas garden centres can inspire consumers and trade them up to more, higher value sales.

?By showing consumers what they can achieve with a little inspiration and know how we can help our retail partners drive up sales,? explained Gardman Marketing Director Sarah Downing.? ?Embedding our Blacksmith range and Martin Fish?s Seasonally Beautiful ideas within the plant areas means garden centres can really bring to life the range of possibilities.? Inspired, consumers will be tempted to put the ideas into practice, purchasing both plants and containers on the initial visit and coming back for more to keep their hanging and container gardens fresh and interesting with every passing season.?

With regular watering and feeding many vegetables, fruits and herbs can be grown successfully in containers and the Blacksmith range offers decorative and strong containers to grow in all through the year.? Blacksmith hanging baskets are perfect for growing fragrant herbs outside the back door.? Thyme, low growing rosemary, marjoram, sage, parsley and the curry plant can be planted together to create an attractive and productive basket from which to pick fresh herbs through the seasons.

Trailing tomatoes are perfect for baskets and can be planted with basil to create an evocative combination.? Strawberries can be grown easily in hanging baskets, wall troughs and mangers and will produce an easy to pick crop cascading over the side of the container.

Lettuce and mixed salad leaves can be grown in troughs and mangers as can short carrots, baby beetroot and radishes and winter vegetables including Swiss Chard, baby leeks and purple curly kale will grow happily in the deep Blacksmith planters.



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