Sharper Thinking’s international business is booming

Sharper Thinking Associates, a specialist horticultural business consultancy started by industry stalwart Steve Harper, celebrates its first birthday this month with a review of its business successes to date.

The business has been surprised not only by the number of enquiries from foreign businesses interested in investing in UK horticulture in the last 12 months, but also the number willing to enter into the British market, despite Brexit uncertainty.

Sharper Thinking Associate Richard Gianfrancesco says ?Working with businesses across Europe including Finland, Ireland and Italy in the last 12 months, it is clear that many see a great opportunity across a number of different sectors in UK horticulture. Our clients have been willing to invest in the UK, despite the Brexit vote, and have not been put off by the uncertainty of future trading agreements.?

Sharper Thinking have also had its fair share of work supporting UK businesses, but it is clear that there is opportunity across the industry which European companies have, with the help of Sharper Thinking, identified to exploit.

Sharper Thinking calls out to UK-based businesses: ?Where we have investigated specific market sectors for our European clients, the majority have increased investment in UK horticulture, which is great news for our economy. However, Sharper Thinking Associates is keen to help and support UK-based companies too. It?s imperative for our industry that national and regional companies keep pace with industry developments and ensure they are not left behind?.


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