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Gardening is all about preparation and with spring around the corner, now is the time to make sure the contents of your shed are ready for action and that you have the right tools for tasks.

Technology and design have moved on in leaps and bounds and whilst that trusty wooden handled spade may have ploughed your beds adequately for the last few years, now is the time to trade it in for a new lightweight, durable and super sharp model that makes digging a lot easier. There are many clever tools on the market that would make a welcome update to any shed.

And finally, do not overlook the importance of maintaining those valuable tools. Whether trusted pruners, loppers or hedge shears, a little maintenance will see garden tools perform at peak levels and provide many more years of service.

Reinventing Gardening

Fiskars tools are examples of the company’s aspiration to reinvent the gardening experience through the use of advanced engineering and materials. We believe that all things, even the simplest, can be made better and smarter so that work in the garden becomes easier, lighter, more efficient and simply more pleasurable ? which is ultimately what gardening should be all about.

A Fiskars shed makeover

Weighing just 1260g, the Fiskars Garden Light Spade (rounded) is an impressively lightweight spade that reduces the physical exertion associated with digging, making tasks more pleasurable for the gardener. With a super sharp cutting edge, the Boron steel blade further reduces effort with easier penetration to efficiently slice though soil and roots. RRP for the Fiskars Garden Light Spade is ?19.99

Fiskars Xtract? retractable Garden Saw is the perfect tool to add to the armoury. Cutting on the pull stroke with added finger guard protectors and a handy belt clip, this super sharp retractable blade is always safely ready for cutting. RRP for the Fiskars Xtract? is ?24.99

Trees and wall climbers need to be kept trim to avoid taking over your garden, but reaching tall branches is rarely an easy task. Extending to an impressive 6 metres with a bypass cutting action designed to slice through fresh wood, the Fiskars Universal Cutter is a great addition to the tool shed and ensures easy access to those hard to reach tasks. RRP for the Fiskars Tree Pruner Bypass Telescopic is ?119.99

Gardening involves cutting much more than just plant growth. Plant ties, wire and string all feature regularly in the list of things that need snipping. Use pruners for everything and the blades will be damaged in the process.

The Fiskars Universal Garden Scissors are the perfect tool for all lightweight cutting tasks. Fiskars orange handled scissors are design classics and these serrated blades and comfortable ergonomic design provide the optimal universal cutting tool. RRP for the Fiskars Universal Garden Scissors is ?14.99

When you have the perfect hedge to maintain, climbing up and down ladders won’t give the best perspective for consistent pruning. With cutting ability along the entire blade length and a handle that includes a click system extension for optimal reach, the super clever Fiskars Smartfit? Hedge Shear is as perfect for low hedges as it is for those with more lofty height. RRP for the Fiskars? Smarfit? Hedge Shear is ?24.99

Maintain your new look

It is not just plants and soil that need attention. Well cared for garden tools perform better and last longer. The Fiskars Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to get spruce up your garden tools. Just a few moments of TLC and your tools will be ready for another year of use.


With time, blades become blunt and lose their cutting capacity. When cutting marks are no longer clean and bark sticks to the blade, it is time to sharpen a tool. Sharp tools reduce effort, and clean sharp cuts promote faster healing of the plant.


Blades, joints and springs should be oiled on a regular basis to maintain friction-free smooth action. Any tool with a spring needs to be stored with the blades securely locked to maintain spring tension.

RRP for the Fiskars Maintenance Kit is ?14.99

Fiskars garden tools are available nationwide in garden centres, DIY stores and online.

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