Sinclair nominate Decco as national distributor

William Sinclair Horticulture has signed a national distribution agreement with leading garden wholesaler Decco, covering the company’s full suite of brands: J. Arthur Bower’s,?Growing Success, New Horizon and Deadfast.
Retailers can now place direct delivery or warehouse orders with Decco.

Sinclair Commercial Director, Richard Carr said:

?I am delighted to have appointed Decco as Sinclair’s nominated national retail distributor. Having worked with Decco?for many years, I know that they provide an exceptionally high level of service to retailers of all sizes across the full?spectrum of distribution channels and they have served Sinclair and our customers well in the past.

?Retailers now have a choice of where they can purchase our products and our preferred route is that they place their
direct delivery or warehouse orders with Decco.?

Sinclair has recently announced a raft of new products including the unique GrowQube? single tomato planter which?will feature in a ?1m TV advertising campaign this spring. It has also invested over ?0.5m in a major brand transformation?of its J. Arthur Bower’s and Growing Success ranges which have also benefited from new multi-purpose compost and?no-dig soil improver product launches.

In addition, the Lincoln-based company has just opened a new ?25m supersite at Ellesmere Port where it produces the?revolutionary new peat substitute, SuperFyba? which will gradually replace peat in all retail growing media by the?Government’s 2020 deadline.

?Sinclair is a key and increasingly important player in the growing media, fertilisers and chemicals categories and we are?pleased that their new management team recognised the important role that a wholesale distributor can play in getting?their products to market,? said Decco COO, John Findlay.

He went on: ?For the convenience of our customers, we will hold stocks of Sinclair products at our distribution warehouses?throughout the UK and we will also handle invoicing on direct deliveries. Between us, I am confident we can?help the Sinclair brands to grow in 2015 and beyond.?

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