Sipcam UK launch new child and pet safe garden products

Seven new child and pet safe garden care products, including a bug and mildew control and a unique 3-in-1 mycorrhizal product from the ecofective range to be launched at GLEE.

Sipcam UK has created this new and specific sub-category from its full range to offer retailers an attractive and highly visible product offer that taps in to increasing consumer demand for child and pet safe products.? The fact they are all bee friendly is an added bonus.

The products are all currently used by professional growers and landscapers in the UK and Europe.? The range consists of a Bug and Mildew Control, Slug Defence, Natural Lawn Feed and Root Enhancer, Safe to Clean? Pro-biotic Cleaner, Wonder Feed and a unique ROOTplus? 3-in-1 Mycorrhizae + Natural Water Retainer + Fertiliser Granules.

?They are made using the best formulations available in the UK, that do not rely on conventional pesticide or biocide chemicals,? said Sipcam?s Matt Jones: ?The entire ecofective range is based on ?green chemistry? that is inherently good for persons health and safety and the environment.

?We have specifically created this child and pet safe product offer to equip retailers with a range of core products that meets this growing consumer demand.? All products are clearly labelled as Child and Pet Safe and also carry the Bee Friendly logo.? We also point out on the label that the products are used extensively by professional growers and landscapers.”

?Our aim is to bring professional quality products to amateur gardeners whilst maintaining positive environmental safeguards,? added Matt.

Sipcam UK is part of a large ?500 million family owned Italian business developing and distributing plant protection and nutrient products around the world.

The range will be accompanied by several point of sale options for retailers to utilise.

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