Smiemans offers every possibility for a refurbishment

Smiemans Projecten has more than 45 years experience in building and renovating glass constructions, especially for garden centres. Recent refurbishments by the company include an extension for Garden Centre MacKenzie & Cruickshank, with a?HighLight arched greenhouse of 400m?, ?a real eye-catcher at the entrance of the garden centre.?The two new wide spans of 665m? function as a canopy for a part of the sales outside. Smiemans also recently transformed a traditional garden centre into a shopping centre with some simple adjustments, including an new insulated roof.

Upcoming projects

An upcoming project for Smiemans is Squire?s garden centre in Woking, South of London, where the company will be creating a new entrance, a HighLight arched greenhouse and a venlo canopy which will extent this garden centre with almost 1,700 m2 extra space.?Groves near Bridport (UK) will also undergo expansion with a restaurant in Smieman’s recognisable HighLight.

Entertaining the customer

With a new build or refurbishment, garden centres can create more space and more sales area, which could be used for a restaurant or farm shop, a play corner for the children or a shop-in-a-shop; and a canopy allows customers to shop pleasantly with bad weather.

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