Smiemans Projecten toasts year with 5 new recruits

5 new people have been added to the current specialised and experienced?Smiemans Projecten?team. Ferry Breugem and Dries Jansen join the project management team.
Jeroen Smiemans, director says: “We have been able to build beautiful projects in the past year. They’ve included the World Horti Center and several garden centres across the continent.
“We haven?t been idle. We’ve put a lot of energy into strengthening the knowledge level and capacity. We’re proud, and looking forward to the coming years in which a we can offer large range of services.”
Ferry has more than 30 years of experience in the garden centre industry. Under his supervision many large garden centres have been built at home and abroad.
As well as Ferry, three work planners/contractors have also joined. All join Smiemans Projection, and specialise in setting up, developing and realising garden centres. This has increased capacity and quality.
Dries Jansen also reinforced our sales team as a strategic advisor. He is a specialised business analyst and consultant. He is also a ?green? specialist who can provide advice on all aspects with his extensive knowledge.
Smiemans Projecten has worked on many high profile garden centres in the UK, including Groves Nurseries, and Squires Garden Centres.

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