Smiemans set to upgrade Van Hage Great Amwell

The garden centre at Great Amwell will be completely renovated by Smiemans Projecten. More than 3,000 m2 of Van Hage’s flagship store will get a new roof and air vents.

Smiemans Projecten will attack the renovation of the store in Ware in two phases. The first phase is planned for the summer and the second phase at the start of the new year.
As well as the update to the roof and air vents, the entire screen installation is getting replaced. A computer system installed will help optimise the internal climate.
The garden centre will remain open during renovation.
The brand new CEO John Carver of Van Hage is tackling the renovation energetically.
The sale of the location in Ware can continue during the renovation, as it does not bother their customers.
The first phase of this renovation will take place this summer. The second part of the roof will be replaced in January.

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