Sorbus International introduce new products to ARS range

Sorbus International has introduced several new ARS pruning shears to the range they distribute in the UK.

The top of the range VS-8R secateurs feature a rotating grip that moves with the fingers as each cut is made, following the natural movement of the hand and making it easier on the hand and wrist, to help reduce fatigue. If you do a lot of pruning these are the ideal secateurs and if you need a larger cutting diameter than 22mm the VS-9R offers 25mm.

The high carbon tool steel blades are Marquench hardened, a form of isothermal heat treatment, to keep them razor sharp for longer than normal blades. They are also hard-chrome plated to resist rust and sap and to help keep the cuts smooth and clean. The blades are set at an aggressive angle to allow an easier cut and requiring less force from you.

What is also different with ARS secateurs is the unique, simple locking and single handed ?Squeeze-Unlock? system that lets you simply squeeze the handles together to release the blades and use the easy thumb trigger to lock them shut again. The full wire coil spring is anchored in the handles so you don?t need to worry about it popping out and getting lost.

The offset blade keeps the action in the natural line of your wrist and arm to give you the best cut, again with minimal force and fatigue. Unlike many other secateurs you can easily replace both the cutting blade and counter blade by undoing the simple centre nut and bolt arrangement. Indeed, as with all ARS tools, spare parts are always readily available should you need them.

For orchard work, horticultural and landscaping tasks these are ideal pruners and for the amateur gardener there is a budget ARS range that is no less well constructed for a long life. ?Sorbus International Ltd. 01373 475540

Sorbus International

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