Specialist connection of extension to existing part of Garsons at Titchfield

Garsons is well known in the UK as a garden centre and farm shop with branches in Esher and Titchfield. The garden centre in Titchfield was taken over from a nursery in 1999. Since then it has been enhanced in several phases. Recently the garden centre began to feel the need for more all-weather retail space.

Thermoflor was asked to upgrade and expand the covered, heated retail area ? a specialist job, because the new structure was to adjoin the existing building and differences in height had to be accommodated. Their engineers therefore first carried out accurate measurements at the site, to make sure that the building work would be carried out without any problems.

As a specialist and market leader in the construction of garden centres, Thermoflor guarantees perfect building work, and Garsons will soon be ready for the next phase in its existence.

Recent openings of UK garden centres built by Thermoflor:

  • Rosebourne Andover
  • Klondyke Garforth


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