Squire’s offer rose bushes for Valentine’s day

Available at Squire’s in time for Valentine’s Day are two new varieties of David Austin rose, both enigmatically named for this season of ultimate romance ? The Lady of the Lake and The Poet?s Wife.

Choose the colour and character that expresses your feelings. These beautiful living gifts are the perfect Valentine demonstration of your love and could actually outgrow the length of the average UK marriage (which is just 11 years 6 months**):

Classically romantic, prone to delicate blushing but always keeps a promise?

??The Lady of the Lake? is the perfect solution, a rose that promises to grow to a considerable height, perhaps 10 or 12ft or more, with long and slender flexible stems, bearing sprays of pretty, semi-double flowers each about two inches across.?An open formation of pale pink blush petals exposes a nice boss of golden stamens and held in attractive sprays with a fresh citrus fragrance.? This rose repeat flowers regularly throughout the summer.The ?Lady of the Lake? is the name of the ruler of Avalon in the Arthurian legend.? She also plays a pivotal role in Sir Walter Scott?s famous poem of the same name.

If your love is the endless sunshine of your life, let this beautiful yellow rose speak volumes about the depths of your feelings.? The Poet?s Wife is a homage to English Old Rose Hybrids, a superb rose with flowers of an unfading, strong yellow.? Beautiful to behold, the neat outer ring of petals encloses an informal group of petals within.? The growth is low and naturally rounded, making it an ideal rose for a position towards the front of the border.? There is a rich fragrance with strong lemon tints at first, becoming sweeter and stronger with age ? just like the perfect marriage!

Both varieties are available from Squire’s Garden Centres in 6-litre pots at ?19.99. Other varieties of rose are also available to buy at Squire’s and what with a free gift wrapping service on plants over ?5, buying a gift for loved ones has never been easier.

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