Squire?s selects Store 360 to enhance legal and operational compliance

Retail Support Pro, a leading provider of store compliance solutions for the retail sector, has announced that garden centre chain Squire?s is rolling out its Store 360 mobile solution to all of its UK centres.

Store 360 is a visual 24 hour, 7-day planner that allows personnel to see and respond to tasks that need completing. The solution is completely paper-free, delivers information in real-time and can be updated while offline. It also features colour-coded task lists, progress tracking and filtered activities based on store section or discipline.

After piloting the solution for several weeks, Squire?s decided to take advantage of the rapid deployment option through Retail Support Pro?s cloud based services, implementing the software within 48 hours.

Andy Bunt, Operations Manager at Squire?s Garden Centres said: ?This is an exciting time for us. As our business grows, we want to ensure the best possible customer experience in our stores.? Store 360 gives us peace of mind that all of our core safety, legal and operation activities are completed on time, correctly and with absolute transparency.? This allows us to focus our staff on the right activities at the right time; cutting cost, improving sales and enhancing the customer experience.?

David Rogers, Global Sales & Marketing Director at Retail Support Pro added: ?We worked closely with Squire?s to understand the business processes, priorities and people, which allowed us to provide the best-fit solution for their business. After initially deploying safety, legal and compliance activities, we are now building on that foundation and focusing on more sales and customer driven activities. We have been extremely pleased with the rapid nature of the project as we have been able to show immediate value to Squire?s.?


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