Squires survey: gardening is good for the mind, body and soul

A survey by Squire?s Garden Centres has found that a massive 93% of people said that gardening helps keep them fit and healthy, and 20% of people surveyed said that it was their main form of exercise.

Sarah Squire, deputy chairman at Squire?s said: ?Gardening is a great way to achieve a low impact workout, full of movement and stretching but without the strain on the joints of pounding the streets. Plus best of all it?s free!?

Warm up to gardening

81% of people questioned by Squire?s said that they never stretch or warm-up before gardening, so to make your gardening workout even better Squire?s advise a ten minute warm up and stretch to help avoid any aches and pains.

It?s not just plants that need water in the garden

Only 39% of people surveyed said that they drank water while gardening. Tea or coffee was the drink of choice for 38% of people, 9% drank nothing at all, and 2% of people surveyed enjoy an alcoholic beverage while gardening!??Just as you would drink water in the gym you should also do so while gardening, as dehydration can lead to increased muscle stiffness after exercise.? said Sarah Squire. ?So remember, it?s not just plants that need water in the garden ? you do too!?

Gardening is good for your mind, body and soul

As well as being good for your body, gardening is good for your mind and soul too. 92% of people felt that gardening gave them space to think and clear their mind. 45% of people surveyed said that gardening made them feel happy, and 40% of people said it made them feel relaxed and calm. So make regular time for yourself in the garden. Spending time outdoors helps us to feel less stressed, improves our mood and enhances our concentration by allowing us to recover from mental fatigue.

Sarah Squire added: ?The therapeutic effects of gardens and gardening are well known, and our survey results demonstrate this, with 92% of people saying that gardening gave them space to think and clear their mind. I defy anyone not to feel relaxed and let the cares of the day slide away in a garden.?

So don?t bother donning Lycra for a grueling exercise class, simply pop on your wellies, get outside, and be a happy gardener! www.squiresgardencentres.co.uk

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