Squires survey shows gardening is nostalgic

Squires Garden Centres have found that a love of gardening starts at an early age. It also creates great memories that people cherish forever.

In a recent survey, Squires found 86% of respondents said their earliest memory of gardening was when they were under ten. 31% remembered gardening when they were under five.

Squire’s found that 75% of people loved gardening as a child, 21% were indifferent, and only 4% found it boring!
71% of people questioned said that their parents taught them to garden. 16% saying it was their grandparents who gave them the gardening bug. Two of the survey respondents added:

“At age three I collected new potatoes as my Grandfather dug them up. I found it very exciting, then picked tomatoes and learnt much without realising it. Happy days, a love of gardening for 80+ years.” 

“I used to garden with my father from about 4 years old. He taught me flower names, showed me how to look after the garden and as I got a bit older he taught me to graft roses. And it worked.”

As adults, 72% said that gardening with children makes them feel good, and 9% said that it makes them feel young.

Sarah Squire, Chairman of Squires said: “It’s never too early to start gardening with children. They love to learn about how plants grow, and how to care and look after them. It’s so important that we pass gardening knowledge onto the next generation.

To encourage people to pass on their love of gardening to the next generation, Squires Garden Centres are running a special “Acorns to Oaks” weekend. This will take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd June.

Parents and grandparents can bring children to Squires to plant a strawberry and herb terracotta pot. There’ll be a fun quiz to do together, plus a refreshing drink each in Squire’s Café Bar.

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