Stewart Garden’s latest watering solutions

Stewart Garden – the gardening division of UK manufacturer, Stewart – offers retailers practical watering cans and hand sprayers through its Essential and Contemporary collections and cost-effective water butts range.

Stewart Garden products help gardeners use water efficiently. They are made from high quality plastics, so are tough, durable and light in weight.

Stewart Garden also provides striking yet compact merchandise stands to help retailers capture customers? attention and promote the Essential and Contemporary watering cans and hand sprayers.

Gavin Wray, channel manager at Stewart Garden, said: ?At Stewart Garden, we know that water makes gardens flourish.

?Our watering cans and water butts make it easy and cost effective for customers to use rainwater in their gardens.?

Stewart Garden Essentials watering cans

Stewart Garden?s Essentials watering cans are available in two colours ? red and green ? and two sizes ? five and ten litres.

The watering cans are lightweight and durable.

RRP: ?4.99 five litres, ?6.99 ten litres

Stewart Garden Contemporary watering cans

Stewart Garden Contemporary watering cans come in three capacities ? 1.7, 4.5 and eight litres.

The cans are easy to handle and are available in cream, line green and anthracite.

RRP: ?2.00 1.7 litres, ?5.00 4.5 litres, ?7.00 eight litres.

Stewart Garden Contemporary hand sprayers

Stewart Garden Contemporary hand sprayers make it easy to apply products such as pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides cleanly and effectively.

They can also be used for watering indoor plants.

The hand sprayers hold up to 0.75 litres and are available in cream, lime green and anthracite.

RRP: ?2.49

Stewart Garden water butts

Stewart Garden?s water butts are designed for consumers who want to conserve water.

They collect rainwater from the roofs of houses, sheds, greenhouses or garages, providing a free source of water all year round.

Stewart Garden water butts feature a secure childproof lid and a tap for easily filling of watering cans. They also fit onto existing water butt stands.

The ranges comprises:

  • 190 ltr Rainsaver Kit (butt, stand & diverter) RRP ?49.99
  • 200 ltr Garden Lake Kit (butt, stand & diverter) RRP ?54.99
  • 190L Oak Effect water butt RRP ?84.99

Water butt accessories

Stewart Garden?s range of water butt accessories includes:

  • Raintrap, designed to fit onto plastic downpipes on a?water butt, to save rainwater, RRP ?9.99
  • Hose fit tap, for attaching hose pipes to water butts and making it easy to water the garden, RRP ?4.99
  • Linking kit, for connecting any two water butts together, RRP ?9.99

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