Stewart up rotational moulding capacity

Stewart, the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of technical plastic moulded products for the gardening, home, professional catering, technical and packaging sectors, has increased its rotational moulding capacity.

The development comes in response to a huge increase in demand for the company?s plastic pots and planters. In the last four years, Stewart Garden, the gardening division of Stewart, has increased sales of these products by 83%, with the Piazza decorative planter range leading the way.

Primary research conducted by Stewart Garden shows 89% of keen gardeners aged between 35 and 54 use pots to grow all kinds of different plants including fruit and vegetables. The same survey revealed an increasing preference for lightweight plastic planters over planting directly into the ground. Indeed, 61% of keen gardeners over the age of 55 prefer plastic planters.

Rotational moulding makes it easy for manufacturers to alter moulds to create different products. This enables Stewart to respond to evolving consumer tastes and bring new products to market quickly, helping retailers satisfy their customers? needs.

Stewart moved to a new factory in Banbury in 2012 to allow for increased production. Two new rotational moulding machines have been installed meaning Stewart now has 3 machines compared to the 1 at their previous Croydon site.

Stewart Garden?s grow your own products include watering, pots, propagators and garden accessories and sundries. They are available in over 1,600 outlets across the UK and Eire including major DIY outlets such as Homebase and Wilkinson and garden centres including Dobbies and Klondyke/Strikes, The Garden Centre Group and more than 600 independent garden centres.

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