Stewarts Garden Centres researching recycling initiatives

Stewarts Garden Centres is looking at ways of increasing the amount of waste it recycles.

Over the last 12 months, Stewarts has reduced its contribution to landfill by 54 tons.
Although they have received awards for this, director Terry Head is aiming towards zero landfill.
“There are so many practical and emotional reasons for a less landfill policy,” said Terry Head.
“We’re delighted with our achievement so far. It’s down to us to keep making improvements and to source new ways of achieving a practical recycling policy.”
The team marked the 54 ton milestone with the latest shipment of recyclable waste. The visit was not to celebrate, but to discuss other ways they could direct other materials for treatment.
“We’re focused on recycling materials including plastic pots and food waste” said Paul Hilliam.
“We’ve also introduced free drinking water through the Refill Dorset campaign. We’ve earned the Litter Free Coast and Sea Business Award. We no longer provide plastic straws or single use coffee cups. Used coffee grounds are available to customers as soil improver.”
He said that there should be no excuse for every business to develop a policy to change habits. And recognise the need to preserve nature important to the existence of wildlife.

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