Stock up on Resolva for its biggest year yet!

With the largest portfolio of products available, there?s no need to stock any other weedkiller brand apart from Resolva!

The fastest growing weedkiller brand* is set to grow even further in 2015 with the key new additions of Resolva Liquid Shots and Resolva 24H Power Pump.

These new additions mean that Resolva has the most comprehensive range of products that are great for tackling any weed problem:

  • NEW Resolva Liquid Shots ? For anyone with a big weed problem, this concentrated formula involves no measuring, mess or fuss! And because each tube covers up to 44sqm, it?s great value too. But it?s Resolva?s unique Tri-Activ technology that sets it apart from the rest of the weedkiller market:
    • Complete leaf coverage to ensure the weedkiller spreads out over the entire leaf surface.
    • Increased intake as more weedkiller is taken in by the weed.
    • Faster absorption to help the weedkiller get into the weed quicker.

All this means you can be sure weeds are killed right to the root for total weed control!

  • NEW Resolva 24H Power Pump – The ideal product for controlling large areas of weeds with ease.With 5 minutes? controllable spraying, Resolva Power Pump does the hard work for consumers by offering a solution to the age old problem of tired hands when covering large areas of weeds. All you need to do is pump the handle and spray those weeds for visible results in just 24 hours!
  • Ready To Use 1L bottles ? Powerful targeting of weeds is even easier with our NEW Resolva trigger. It?s longer handle makes for easier activation and the top-mounted on/off switch also gives the choice of spray or jet power settings. Plus, the design avoids dripping weedkiller onto fingers when in use. Easy and convenient for those with smaller gardens, or for those who require spot weedkilling treatment.

Not only are there a variety of different packaging, but also a variety of formats, including 24H, Path & Patio, Xtra Tough and Lawn

Amy Lawrence, Brand Manager for Resolva said: ?With this year?s newest additions to the range, plus over ?1.5m spend on TV, there is no need to stock any other weedkiller brand.?

Order the Resolva weedkiller range through your Westland sales representative today.

*Source: GfK, Weedkillers, Panelmarket excl. Ironmongers, based on volume sales increase Jun13-May14 vs Jun12-May13.

Resolva 24H and Path & Patio contain diquat & glyphosate. Resolva Xtra Tough contains glyphosate. Resolva Lawn weedkiller contains 2,4-D, MCPA, MCPP-P and dicamba. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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