Study reveals popularity of small businesses

New web-to-print service Avery WePrint has commissioned a study of 2,000 UK adults that has revealed choosing to spend with a small business makes us feel happier.

Fresh produce, eating out, and takeaway coffee are among the top ten products and services the British public prefers to buy from a small business.

The study suggests that consumer trust in large businesses is at an all-time low, signalling a new era in food purchasing habits. Over 80% of Brits reported feelings of happiness or contentment when they purchased from a small business, and this dropped to just 53% when purchasing from a large company or chain.

Fiona Mills, of Avery WePrint who commissioned the research, commented on what the findings mean for the UK?s small and independent food and drink sector: ??what?s important as a business grows is not to lose sight of the values and service levels that were there in the beginning. Customers say they feel valued by small companies and that?s something every business should be trying to emulate.?

?So if you?re proudly local, independent and passionate about it, make sure you communicate this in everything you do ? from window signage and wall displays to takeaway packaging, menus and labelling.”

To find out more about Avery?s newly launched WePrint service, or to design your own branding and display materials, including product labels, menu cards and wall stickers, visit:

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