Study reveals top girls flower names

A new study carried out by Baby Centre has revealed the top 10 girls flower names for 2014.

Lily tops the list, with Poppy and Daisy second and third respectively. Holly, Jasmine and Ivy are next in the list with Rose in seventh. Willow, Violet and Iris complete the top ten.

The popularity of flower names for children is increasing, with more and more celebrities naming their daughters after flowers.

Jamie Oliver?s girls are called Poppy, Daisy and Petal, while Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise named their daughter Suri, which is the Persian name for ?Rose?.

?Violet? ? a sentimental vintage name revived by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck and also used by Foo Fighter Dave Grohl – has steadily climbed the charts in recent years, while another is Iris, as chosen by Jude Law and Melanie Brown.

Although there are few boys named after flowers, there are many tree, plant and herb names, such as Ash, Rowan, Linden, Briar, Heath, Logan, Aster, Florian, Basil and Sage.

Sarah Squire ? Squire?s deputy chairman ? said: ?Squires have been in the gardening business for nearly 80 years, so perhaps it?s no accident that we have flower names in our family.

?My grandmother was called Violet, my daughter is called Felicia, my niece is called Rose and even my dog is called Lily.?

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