Sungold’s six new sisters launched by Mr Fothergill’s (MRF563)

Tomato Sungold F1 is regarded by many as the finest flavoured, and now the renowned ‘cherry’ type has been joined by six brand new varieties in Mr Fothergill’s range from the same breeding programme, three of which are exclusive to the Suffolk seedsman. All performed remarkably well in the company’s huge 2015 tomato trial, and are said to have a flavour as outstanding as that of their illustrious ‘sister’.

Suncherry Smile F1, Sunchocola F1 and Sunlemon F1 are available only from Mr Fothergill’s for the 2016 season. Red-fruited Suncherry Smile F1 produces masses of very sweet tomatoes, while Sunchocola F1 has attractive brick red to brown fruits, which are incredibly tasty eaten straight from the plant while still warm. Sunlemon F1 is the earliest of the group to mature, producing plenty of lemon-yellow little fruits. All three are available from garden centres, other retailers, the company’s mail order catalogue and online at

Tomato Suncherry Premium F1’s sweet fruits are produced for many weeks, Sungreen F1 yields lime-green fruits with a sweetness which belies their appearance, and Sunpeach F1 yields warm pink-red little tomatoes. These three are available from the catalogue and website.

All six display excellent disease resistance, ensuring the plants remain robust all summer long. They are indeterminate, so require staking and the removal of sides-shoots, and can be grown either in a greenhouse or outdoors. A packet of 10 seeds of any of the six new varieties costs ?1.95.

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