Survey finds gardens to be ‘biggest property turn on’

A recent survey has suggested that an impressive garden is the biggest property turn on for home buyers.

The survey of 1200 UK residents revealed that outside of location, 60% of us would be most swayed by an impressive garden when buying a home. After a garden, a kitchen was cited as one of the most important features we consider when purchasing a property.

The survey was conducted by Southport Flower Show, the largest independent gardening, home and family show in the country. Ray Roukin, general Manager at Southport Flower Show said: ?We are a nation of garden lovers, and gardens clearly are one of the most important elements of the home.?

On the question what would sway decisions to buy a home:

  • 60% said an impressive garden
  • 27% a big kitchen
  • 11% a conservatory
  • 2% a bathroom.

The survey also revealed that most Brits spend more than four hours each week in the garden and over 700 respondents questioned spend up to ?500 a year on their garden, with over 300 spending over ?500 year.

The survey also revealed that the older we get the more interest we have in the garden.? Just 5% of under 30?s put gardening as their favourite garden activity, compared to 67% of over 30s. The favourite past time for under 30s in the garden was outdoor dining.

Ray Roukin added: ?Gardens are now, more than ever, an extension of peoples? homes.? We see more than 50,000 visitors at the show every year, many looking for lifestyle ideas for their garden and spending thousands on garden dining equipment, landscaping, garden cabins, home offices, sculptures, even outdoor heating.? A home?s green space is now more important than ever.?

This year Southport Flower Show runs from the 18th to the 21st August.? The show features stunning show gardens and displays created by some of the best landscapers and designers in the country, there is also a dedicated food festival, with displays from celebrity chefs, fine dining marquees and a shopping village, with over 350 stalls.? Advance tickets are just ?19 and children under 16 go free.

For more up to date information on the show, celebrity announcements, details and ticket bookings visit

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