Survey shows UK is a nation of gardeners

Ahead of National Gardening Week, a recent survey carried out by the Crop Protection Association’s Common Sense Gardening Group confirmed that the UK really is a nation of gardeners. More than 85% of people surveyed engaged in gardening in some way. Seventy-five percent of households carry out gardening activity at least monthly through the season – either planting, pruning, fertilising or weeding.

Importantly, 85% of those that perform some form of gardening activity do so because they recognise it’s good for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Ben Shapiro, chairman of the Crop Protection Association’s Common Sense Gardening Group said: “We are indeed a nation of gardeners. Whilst this includes those who simply tend to a potted outdoor plant or mow their lawn, over 75% of us are quite actively engaged in our outdoor spaces through the season.  Our survey has also confirmed what we know about gardening’s positive contribution to our mental and physical wellbeing.”

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