Sustainability with SYM Fresh

SYM Fresh is a clever reusable press n’ seal bag that has been developed to keep climacteric fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

These new SYM Fresh bags have a clever and natural mineral in them which adsorbs and traps the ethylene inside the film, delaying ripening and regulating moisture, to slow down the drying out process. Conserving the nutritional qualities, crispness and flavour of the fruit and vegetables and extending the shelf life.

According to figures produced by WRAP** (Waste and Resources Action Programme) an estimated one third of all food produced globally goes to waste. The UK alone wastes approximately 6.6 million tonnes of food annually with households accounting for 70% of this figure, and 34% of this wastage consisting of fruit and vegetables.

Food waste is a humanitarian tragedy, but it is also an environmental problem, from the increased carbon footprint of producing and delivering as well as the rotting food that generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which is even more potent than carbon dioxide, and 11% of our methane emissions come from food.

The principal reason cited for throwing food away is that it was “not used in time”. Climacteric fruit and vegetables don’t last very long before they begin to spoil, which is why SYM Fresh reusable fruit and vegetable bags are an essential addition to any shopping basket – saving produce, saving money and quite possibly the planet too. 

RRP £3.99 for unit of 10 bags

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