Sustained weedkiller revolution continues to drive up sales

After a season during which Bayer Garden performed ahead of the market in the crucial weedkiller category it is continuing to work with garden centre retailers and multiples to cut the walkaway rate and drive up sales.

?Our year on year sales of weedkillers grew by 21%, a great result when compared with just 9% for the category as a whole*,? explained Bayer Garden Product Manager Alison Mulvaney. ?This strong performance is directly attributable to our new approach to the weedkiller category, as a result of detailed consumer research.?

In 2014 the company rolled out a comprehensive new approach to weedkillers based on market research that had revealed consumer confusion at the fixture.? The approach included a simplified range aligned to the tasks defined by consumers (lawn, growing areas, paths & patios, specialist areas); and in-store navigation, point of sale materials and category segmentation designed to make it quick and easy for consumers to find the product they need.

?We brought the walkaway rate down from 70% to 46% in multiples and from 64% to 45% in independent retailers,? explained Alison Mulvaney.? ?Retailers are delighted; they?ve told us they have sold more and seen efficiency improvements both in the ease of re-stocking and with shoppers finding what they want themselves without needing to enlist the help of a member of staff.?

Bayer Garden?s research also revealed weedkiller usage patterns, in particular 58%** of all weedkiller usage being for paths, driveways or patios.

Alison Mulvaney continued: ?Retailers were giving a lot of space to general purpose weedkillers but our research showed this wasn?t helping consumers buy the correct product for the job in hand and therefore were dissatisfied with the product choice.? We?ve persuaded retailers to give more shelf space to path, patio and driveway instead of general purpose and they?ve seen sales go up as a result.?

Bayer Garden is working with retailers to sustain this weedkiller revolution, highlighting five killer reasons to implement its new approach:

  1. It is simple and straightforward; no significant product merchandising is required
  2. It simplifies retail operations; stocking and remerchandising is easier and customers find the right product without turning to a member of staff for help
  3. It facilitates improved customer service and selection; 42%*** of shoppers say the new display made their product selection easier
  4. Shoppers have bigger baskets; 45% of shoppers said they bought more as a result
  5. It delivers an increased conversion rate; fewer shoppers walk away and conversion increased by 30%




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