Suttons Celebrate Year of the Sunflower 2015

To celebrate the Fleuroselect ‘2015 Year Of The Sunflower ‘… Suttons Seeds are introducing a range of new and exciting sunflowers.? Consumers will be offered a selection of many and varied types of this bloom, from tallest to compact and from bright yellow to jade green.???With the very?fast approaching new school curriculum, the sunflower?fits in beautifully with all?aspects of growing plants and science.

This range will be displayed with its own bright and breezy POS for ease of purchase.

New Sunflower Range :

  • Sunflower ‘Ms Mars’ – EXCLUSIVE – Finalist Plant of the Year Chelsea 2014? ?3.49 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Suntastic’ – EXCLUSIVE – Bushy dwarf type ?2.99 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Tasty Treat’ – Feed the birds, and yourselves!!? ?2.99 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Summer Long Mix’ – Summer long flowering? ?2.99 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Starburst Lemon Eclair’ – Unique colour and form ?2.99 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Moonlight’ – The white sunflower? ?1.99 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Jade Green’ – The green sunflower? ?2.99 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Goldrush’ – The fastest sunflower ?2.99 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Cut Flower Mix’ -?Ideal for wildlife? ?2.49 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘The Joker’ – Unique flower markings? ?2.99 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Titan’ – Dustbin lid sized flower heads? ?1.99 RSP
  • Sunflower ‘Year On Year’ – The perennial sunflower?? ?2.49 RSP

Sunflower ‘Giraffe’ – The tallest sunflower ?2.99 RSP



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